muldoonbackwardphoto © Lynda Gamroth

by PT Muldoon

Someday when life’s runs over
And my old saddle sits alone
As we gather for last goodbye
Tie ’em rearward heading home

Pick a horse that I would saddle
In a place where roots run deep
Lace my boots up in the stirrups
Before you lay me down to sleep

Lead me off to sounds of pipers
Play old songs to mark that way
Put my ashes in my best boots
And ride with me one more day

Send me off as kings and warriors
Aboard bold ponies no one rides
Then please send me to Valhalla
From these sacred countrysides

For old cowhands and old poets
As they take their last good run
Aboard a horse without his rider
Heading west neath setting sun

© 2017, PT Muldoon
This poem should not be reposted or reprinted without permission.


PT Muldoon comments:

I wrote this one a while back and have long searched for the right picture to go with it. Then I saw the picture that I believe was absolutely meant to go with the words.

Bill Couch was laid to rest the week of January 6, 2020) at Owensville, Indiana. His son Willy Couch escorted his dad to the cemetery with a riderless horse. Bill’s boots were in the stirrups.  Willy graciously told me that I was welcome to match my words with the picture of him honoring his Dad.

I began my writing again as a way to connect with my own father as he navigated the final stages of Parkinson’s. It was my father’s wish that I use my writing skills to connect people and to celebrate our life and our experiences. The picture speaks to the very best of the human spirit and the deep respect earned over a lifetime. I hope in some small way my words do the picture justice.

About PT Muldoon

I live in Southern Michigan near the town of Onsted on the Michigan/Ohio border. Our area is known as the Irish Hills as most of the families that settled here came over from Ireland during the Great Potato Famine. It’s mainly an agricultural area with beautiful lakes and rolling pastures home to a lot of dairy and crop farming.

Our home place is the Rockin PM Ranch, we milked Holsteins for a number of years and now we raise Corriente/Longhorn cross cattle and AQHA Quarter horses. I have written 4 books of western poetry and am currently working on my first novel. I’m married to my awesome wife Bobbie we have 8 children.


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