Cowboy Poet Portraits in Tintype


Here’s a great, worthwhile project by Kevin Martini-Fuller, who has photographed the cowboy poets of the Western Folklife Center’s National Cowboy Gathering for 35 years (over 40,000 images). Generous to a fault, few people have invested so many of their own resources as he has as he creates and preserves this important history. He could use some support for a new project.

He writes: “To celebrate my 35th year, of photographing Cowboy Poets, I will be making their portraits as a tintype (an antique photo process that dates from the 1860’s)…COWBOY POET PORTRAITS IN TINTYPE will add an ageless quality to the depth and the breadth of my already extensive archive and serve as a visual connection to the timeless quality of the portraits made during the beginning years of this project.”

Also at the link here, check out some chronological portraits (of Ross Knox, Waddie Mitchell, and Walt Cheney); learn a bit of the history of his work; learn about the book being created from the “Portraits of the Gathering”; and more.