I’LL RIDE THRU IT by Deanna Dickinson McCall

ridethru (1)photo © Walter Workman

by Deanna Dickinson McCall

I seek out the strong broad chest
Sweet breath and gentle eye
Strong neck where my head can rest
On the horse’s strength I rely.

I’ll ride thru it.

When the cold makes my bones ache
But there’s work to be done
For those cows’ and calves’ sake
I’ll finish what’s begun.

I’ll ride thru it.

When struggling to understand
Life’s peaks and falls
My soul seeks the range land
I answer her siren call

I’ll ride thru it.

When dreams fill me with pain
Of loved ones now gone
Tears fall like a soft rain
In the early light of dawn

I’ll ride thru it.

When dust sticks to my sweat
Heat bouncing off the ground
Horse’s shoulders dripping wet
No breeze is to be found

I’ll ride thru it.

When my life’s fading away
I’m about to be set free
I hope on that last day
In that saddle I’ll still be

and I’ll ride thru it.

© 2017, Deanna Dickinson McCall
This poem should not be reposted or reprinted without permission

This week, we’re featuring poems with strong messages by tough women.

Poet, writer, and fourth-generation rancher Deanna Dickinson McCall’s CD, I’ll Ride Thru It, was awarded the prestigious Western Heritage Wrangler Award from the National Cowboy and Western Museum last year.

Deanna McCall comments about this poem, “Riding has always gotten me through tough times; the important part is to keep riding, and not to stop. Horses have always been healing to me, and we have traveled life’s roughest trails together.”

See a track list from the CD and a review . Deanna McCall has two recent collections of stories, Rough Patches and Rough Patches II, and a book of poems accompanied by JaNeil Anderson’s paintings, Split Range.

She also has a highly praised book of stories and poems, “Mustang Spring” and an another award-winning CD of her poetry, Riding. Her work appears in many anthologies and magazines and she’s a popular performer at gatherings.

She is working on a novel, a cookbook, and more.

Find more about Deanna Dickinson McCall at CowboyPoetry.com and at her web site.

This photograph of Deanna Dickinson McCall is by respected photographer Walter Workman. Find more about Walter Workman at walterworkman.com, where there are stunning photo galleries.

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