TURN ‘EM LOOSE lyrics by Susie Knight


lyrics by Susie Knight

1) Rise ‘n shine. Coffee’s hot.

Homemade biscuits, steak ‘n’ eggs hit the spot!
In the corral, there’s yer cayuse.

Tack him up; you’re gonna ride, or we’ll turn him loose!

— Today we’re ridin’ north to gather mares.
They got colts so we’ll be trailin’ pairs.
If you wanna join us, don’t you snooze!
Make a hand! Ride that horse, or we’ll turn him loose!

Oo-oo-ooo, oo-oo-oo-ooo!

2) We’ll trail ‘em home to this corral.
Wean the colts we know for sure we’re gonna sell.
Work till dark; there’s no excuse.
If the job’s too tough, just nod. We’ll cut ya loose!

—But if you give your all and work all day,
You’ll prove you’ve got the sand you need to stay.
We save the best for last so we can choose
Who’ll open up that gate to turn ‘em loose!

Oo-oo-ooo, YIP! Oo-oo-oo-ooo!

Can’t ya see it in their eyes, kickin’ dust up to the skies.
Those horses want that gate to slip its noose!

3) So, here’s your chance to view the grand parade
As a hundred hooves thunder through the gate.
Ride up to the fence, you paid your dues.
It’s time to open up the gate ‘n’ turn ‘em loose!

…We’ve chosen YOU to run the gate…turn ‘em loose!
…Give ‘em room…their comin’ through!!! TURN ‘EM LOOSE!!!

© 2013, Susie Knight
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Energetic Colorado poet, songwriter, musician, storyteller, and entertainer Susie Knight shares the title poem from her new CD. She told us, “In August of 2013, my husband, Dave, gave me a kiss good-bye as he left to go to work, and he said, ‘You know, you haven’t written a song in a long time.’ He was right. I was spending most of my time writing and rewriting my cowboy poetry. As he walked out, I focused my attention on my favorite print that hangs in our home. It’s entitled ‘Turn ’em Loose’ and created by Oregon artist, Dyrk Godby. I began to think about the scene…the herd of galloping horses fighting their way to escape out of the mighty corral gate.

“I’d seen this scene many times in ‘real life’ over the years when I lived on my family’s Circle M Ranch in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. So, I grabbed my guitar, and the scenario I remembered well unfolded into lyrics and song…

“Dyrk Godby was so kind to allow me permission to use his glorious work of art for the album’s cover. There’s so much more to tell about this work of art, it’s significance to my personal memories, and why it’s such a precious treasure on my wall, but I guess you’ll have to catch up to me down the road and ask for ‘the rest of the story.'”

Turn ’em Loose is filled with music as well as poems. She weaves a poem into the atmospheric “The Windmill Sound” and gives a moving recitation of Jeff Carson’s “Holdin’ the Reins.” A woman of wide talents, Susie Knight, also a retired professional clown, includes a song for kids “Lasso the Cowgirl.” She also performs for the elderly and that work gave way to “Out Toward the West.” The music, like Susie Knight, is often upbeat, and her liner notes point out the two-step and waltz songs. There are amusing themes and happy love songs such as “Cowboy, Ride on Over” and the more bittersweet “Just One O’ Them Days”; songs inspired by her time on South Dakota’s Circle M Ranch; and heartfelt spiritual music such as “Heaven and Horses,” inspired by the 2018 Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering poster.

You can listen or download the entire album at susieknight.hearnow.com.

Find video and all of her CDs and more at susieknight.com.

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