SHE’S COVID-19 FREE by Marleen Bussma


by Marleen Bussma

The cattle are fed. She feels ready for bed
as the day has been brutal and long.
The darned Covid-19 has her surly and mean,
but she has to stay steady and strong.

As yet no one is sick. It would be a real trick
for the virus to travel out here.
Forty miles from town they are hard to track down,
only bad weather’s found them this year.

Social distance is fine, but she’s drawing the line
with her hubby who’s dodging his work.
He has self-quarantined with his buddies convened
in the basement with beer and a smirk.

She’s done laundry and cooked. Her day’s been fully booked,
but there’s still time to bristle and fume.
Taking matters in hand she has plotted and planned
for her own space away from her groom.

The essentials are packed and a note has been tacked
to explain that he’s now on his own.
Now it’s his turn to care for the ranch that they share.
She is tired and her patience has flown.

But before she takes leave, she has plans to retrieve
all the guns that he has in the house.
She collects the TP threading rolls with great glee
on the barrels of the guns of her spouse.

Like a soldier at work she has no time to lurk
as she loads up the plunder and loot.
The white tissue brigade marches out where it’s laid
in the truck of her beer drinking coot.

The new diesel fires up. Is she sure of this? Yup!
Muddy tires roll to easier life.
When he leaves basement’s bliss, which true love will he miss,
his new truck, guns, TP, or his wife?

© 2020, Marleen Bussma
This poem should not be reprinted or reposted without permission

Award-winning Utah poet Marleen Bussma told us about the poem’s inspiration, “It all came about when my brother mentioned to me that he’d heard a rumor that a new country/western song had just been released. The story line had the woman leaving her husband taking the guns, ammo, and toilet paper. He suggested I write a piece along those lines, since he needed a laugh. That’s how ‘She’s Covid-19 Free’ came to life. What our country is facing now is a serious situation, but you need a release valve to get through the day. ”

She provided the photograph above and commented, “Pine Valley Mountain is a dominating fixture in our landscape.”


Marleen Bussma’s book, Tales of the Trails (2019) received the top poetry Gold Medallion from the Will Rogers Medallion Awards. Her most recent CD is Snow on the Sage (2019). She has appeared at many gatherings and events, and has been a featured performer at the Western Folklife Center’s National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Find her  poetry, videos, reviews, books and cds, and more at

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