In Our Thoughts: Gwen Petersen


Gwen Petersen, popular poet and columnist at The Fence Post sends this message on December 5, 2019:


How’s your health?

Just thought I’d ask as mine is in the toilet.  I’ll be 92 in February, provided I live that long.

Seems I have a debilitating condition and nobody  can figure out what is.  I have had to give up skydiving and cross country skiing.

Currently I am in the hospital and so far training the nurses is a challenge.  Doctor can’t tell me what’s the matter, he just gives me a hard time.

I can’t eat more than a bite or two at a time, so I am losing weight.  So I have gotten weaker and weaker which pisses me off!  So letting you know and you can
pass the word on to friends and family.

I’ll keep you posted if anything changes, I am feeling perkier but by no means getting well.  The following is where I am currently incarcerated:

Pioneer Medical Center
301 W 7th Ave.
Big Timber, MT 59011

Better to call my cell [contact us for her number]. Have to go now the bird of paradise just flew up my nose.

P.S.  Doc guestimated I got about 2-3 months to go.


Thanks to Yvonne Hollenbeck and to C.J. Hadley of RANGE magazine, who both shared information.