Christmas Cowboy Poetry: The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Eight

…Some say he was born in the snow an’ the cold,
yeller an’ white with a heart made of gold.
His mom was part Angus his dad was a polled
Hereford I hear (er so I been told)…
…from DW Groethe’s “The Legend of Little Buddy the Christmas Steer




The perfect gift, The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Eight is a two-disc celebration of the best classic and contemporary Christmas cowboy poetry.

Opening the collection is a beautiful rendition of the shaped-note “Christmas Waltz” by National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Fellow, cowboy, poet, and musician Buck Ramsey (1938-1998), accompanied by his sisters and brother. In two of the many recordings made for this release, great cowboy troubadour Don Edwards recites Badger Clark’s “The Christmas Trail” and top cowboy poet Waddie Mitchell offers his original “Good Gift.” Red Steagall , past Texas Poet Laureate and the state’s official cowboy poet delivers S. Omar Barker’s “Three Wise Men” and the voice of Jimmy Dean (1928-2010) is heard in a vintage recording of S. Omar Barker’s “A Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer.” There are 48 tracks in total.

The real “Little Buddy,” featured on the cover, is at the Granley Ranch near Bainville, Montana. The image was created by designer Chris Waddell from a photograph by Montana ranch hand, poet, and picker DW Groethe.



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The image was also the subject of a Christmas Art Spur, where you can also read DW Groethe’s entire poem.

CDs are given to libraries as a part of Cowboy Poetry Week’s Rural Library Program. They are also thank-you premiums for supporters. Proceeds from CDs offered to the public are used for the next year’s compilation and the Rural Library Program.

We’ll be sharing more poems from The BAR-D Roundup: Volume Eight during this year’s 20th annual Christmas at the BAR-D.

Every year’s CD includes a radio public service announcement about the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry. For this CD, it is delivered by ranch-raised rodeo broadcaster Totsie Slover.

The BAR-D Roundup cover images are usually vintage photos of poets or their forebears. This special Christmas collection veers slightly from that tradition with a photo of “Little Buddy” a steer from the Granley Ranch near Bainville, Montana (thanks to poet, picker, and ranch hand DW Groethe). Inside is a photograph of the annual live Nativity at Dick Noble and Jim and Tina Noble Nelson’s Flying U Ranch, in Cora, Wyoming.


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There were ten volumes of The BAR-D Roundup. The current series is MASTERS.