THE BUYER’S TYPE, by Floyd Beard


by Floyd Beard

I’m standing here pushing up a steer,
as I load the truck today.
Looks thick and fat from where I’m at,
as I send him on his way.

Yell out your bid, or wave your lid
as you catch the auctioneer’s cry.
Run up his price, you know he’s nice,
let ‘em know you want to buy!

You hope each spring that your cow’ll bring,
a calf of the buyers’ type.
So that next fall at the auctioneer ball,
they’ll all want to take a swipe.

I ain’t for gore but a bidder’s war,
‘tween buyers is mighty fine.
When they’ll bid once more, o’er the buyer next door,
and the calves they’re wantin’s mine.

Then I go inside and I strut with pride,
as I settle at the cashier’s till.
Weight tickets come down and they’re “times’ed” per pound,
and the gold my pockets fill.

What…I take the shrink? Is that fair ya’ think?
The commission is then pulled out!
And a feed cost’s there for two days of care,
boy that yardage is kinda’ stout.

Well they whittled my check, but then what the heck,
better get what I got to the bank.
Get your grubby mitts off my money you nits,
my ship came in and purt near sank.

Take out pasture cost and the ones I lost,
I’m barely gonna cover my bills.
Still owe the vet charge, and the feed bill’s large,
now I’m cuttin’ out most of my thrills.

Well the trucker’s paid and the mortgage made,
and repair bills paid at the shop.
Fuel’s laid in, mill’s pumping again,
propane sure took a big hop.

Well I’ll fix the roof next year and maybe see clear,
to get by on the tires I’ve got.
And I’ll burn more wood, and maybe I could,
patch the tank where it’s got the rot.

I’ll watch what I buy and if prices stay high,
I’ll get by for another year.
I’ll just be brave, use the heifers I save,
and try to not choke on fear.

If I squeeze real tight, I’ll make it alright,
and there ain’t no use to gripe.
But if I got any pull, I pray that ol’ bull,
will throw calves of the buyers’ type

© 2014, Floyd Beard
This poem should not be reposted or reprinted without permission

Popular Colorado rancher and poet Floyd Beard is featured in the November, 2019 issue of Western Horseman. In an article titled “Range Rhymer,” Senior Editor Jennifer Denison tells about his writing history and what cowboy poetry means to him (he’s been writing it since the 1970s) and his many awards. There are photos and his poem, “Branding Time,” is included.


The poem above, “The Buyer’s Type,” appears on Floyd Beard’s recent, well-received CD, Short Grass Country. The album includes original poems and recitations of classic poems by Luther Lawhon, E.A. Brininstool, Sunny Hancock, and Banjo Paterson. It’s all tied together with fine music by Butch Hause.

Floyd Beard comments on “The Buyer’s Type” in the liner notes, “Cattlemen work in a yearlong cycle. This poem marks the end of one cycle and beginning of the next. It also points out that ranches love their calves to sell high, but it is sure not all profit.”

He’s at work on another album.

Find him next at the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering, January 16- 19, 2020 in Golden. Performers include Vic Anderson, Floyd Beard, Patty Clayton, Doris Daley, Thatch Elmer, Skip Gorman, High Country Cowboys, Brenn Hill, Peggy Malone, Al “Doc” Mehl, Jeneve Rose Mitchell, Glenn Moreland & Washtub Jerry, Terry Nash, Lindy Simmons, and Carlos Washington’s Steel Horse Swing.

A 2018 aneurysm and stroke has hardly slowed down Floyd Beard and he is on the “cowboy poetry trail,” as he likes to call it, in full force. In 2020, along with the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering, he’s scheduled, to date, to appear at New Mexico’s Cimarron Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering August 27-29, 2020; Nucla, Colorado’s West End Cowboy Poetry Gathering, November 4, 2020; and Grand Junction’s Western Slope Cowboy Poetry Gathering, November 6-7, 2020.

The photo of Floyd and his impressive mustache is courtesy of Floyd Beard.

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