“J IS FOR JACKALOPE” by Teal Blake


by Teal Blake

Not long ago out in the dust and the sage, a story I’ll tell written down on this page. A critter so wild and free and the little boy who named him–Samuel C.B.

Now, Samuel C.B. was a blond-headed boy. He wore chaps on his legs and red boots on his feet. He’d rope and tie whatever he’d meet. He tied all the barn cats and dogs on the ranch, and even the chickens when he had the chance…

…from the beginning of J is for Jackalope, by Teal Blake, used with permission

There is so much to love about “J is for Jackalope” from Cowboy Artists of America artist Teal Blake. It’s a cowboy-poetry-in-motion tale full of adventure, heart, humor, and fabulous art.

Respected publisher and writer Bill Reynolds comments in his Introduction, “This book is an artful depiction of the dreams and wishes of a young cowboy, and in a sense, of all those that set out in life simply trying to succeed in the things they love to do.”

Reynolds also hints at how Samuel C.B. got his name: Teal Blake’s great grandfather, Samuel Coke Blake, was one the the American Quarter Horse’s founding breeders.

Young cowboy Sam sets out to find a jackalope, which some might think is a mythical creature. Sam will change minds. The writing and Sam take off on a wild ride when he ropes his jackalope, which he eventually turns, and finds, “He was all about kick and all about feel.” Their adventures together begin and … well, you’ll want to read it for yourself.

Teal Blake told us the book came about from the stories he would spin for his young son. Though the genius of the art and story is solely that of Teal Blake, the book was also made possible by a community of people who believed in the concept and donated to a greatly successful Kickstarter campaign. See the original delightful Kickstarter video and find more about the book’s creation here.

It is rare that a book of such careful quality, authenticity, content, and design is produced. This enduring volume should delight readers of all ages for generations.

Find more about Teal Blake and more about the book and order information at tealblake.com. Also find him at Instagram.com.

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