by Jane Morton

The round-ups, the brandings,
the calvings are done,
as ranchers sell out
and move on one by one.

We must tell the stories,
so memories live on,
past time when the tellers
themselves are long gone.

© 2004, Jane Morton, used with permission
Colorado poet Jane Morton is no longer writing or reciting, but her meaningful words continue to inspire.

Thanks to all who took part in celebrating this 18th annual Cowboy Poetry Week, including those who took their poetry and music to venues across the West; the many who contacted their states’ governors for proclamations for the week and those governors who recognized the week; Shawn Cameron for lending her outstanding “Making Plans” for this year’s poster art; those who are featured in this year’s triple-cd collection, MASTERS: VOLUME THREE, the poetry of Bruce Kiskaddon; the many who have visited’s social media, blog, and web site and who have shared posts and the word of Cowboy Poetry Week; the Western radio stations who showcased cowboy poetry on their weekly shows; those who submitted poems to the special Cowboy Poetry Week Art Spur; the libraries in the week’s Rural Library Program who created displays and held events; and the vital, generous community who supports the BAR-D with annual donations that make all of its projects and programs possible.


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MASTERS: VOLUME THREE, the poetry of Bruce Kiskaddon

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