RESOLUTION, by Sandy Seaton Sallee

by Sandy Seaton Sallee

I catapulted yesterday
Atop my brand new steed
We somersaulted off the hill
I didn’t even bleed.

Today I crept out of my bed
My tailbone’s in revolt
I ignored his warning signs
I’d by-gosh ride that colt!

Last year I led a spooky mule
Tied to a spotted App
The mule was calm but Appy ran
A fast Olympic lap.

Back corkscrewed but chiropractor
Got me cranked in place
No one could see the black-and-blue
‘Cept marks on my face.

Three surg’ries on my shoulders
The screws have been removed
A walking cast repaired my foot
My insurance approved.

I broke my neck while roping steers
That gelding sure could buck
I’m wired now from end to end
I’m tight with Lady Luck.

Both knees are orthoscopic-fixed
My right wrist has a pin
My skull sports quilted stitching marks
I have a crooked grin.

An old friend watched me limp one day
The words he said still lash
“Your mind is writing checks for you
Your body just can’t cash.”

Next time I’m sure I won’t buck off
I’ve discovered the solution
I’ll have no choice for now that goal’s
My New Year’s Resolution!

© 2017, Sandy Seaton Sallee, used with permission.


Popular poet and wilderness guide Sandy Seaton Sallee says the poem is, “All true, unfortunately!” Last week she shared a photo for Jay Snider’s “Tyrone and Tyree,” and it’s a pleasure to have another photo from her, in her element.

Sandy and her husband Scott run Black Mountain Outfitters, located in the heart of Paradise Valley, just north of Yellowstone National Park in Montana and also Slough Creek Outfitters, offering world-famous Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout fishing. Find more about Sandy Seaton Sallee at and at

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