20th annual Christmas at the BAR-D


Welcome to the 20th annual Christmas at the BAR-D. We’ll be posting poems, classic, old, and new, throughout the season.

Find a collection of poems, first started in 2000, here.



New poems added often during the season.


The Christmas Tree,” by Bruce Kiskaddon

jsbringing500“Draggin’ the Tree,” by S. Omar Barker

Rudolph’s Night Off,” by Baxter Black

Christmas Again,” by Bruce Kiskaddon

A Busted Cowboy’s Christmas,” by DJ O’Malley

A Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer” by S. Omar Barker

“‘Neath a Christmas Eve Sky,” by Rod Nichols

“The Old Time Christmas,”  and “Merry Christmas” by Bruce Kiskaddon

kiskoldtimechristmas (1)



  Baxter Black, “Reindeer Flu” poem

  Wylie Gustafson, “Christmas for Cowboys” video

  Don Edwards. “Riding Up the Christmas Trail” audio (Badger Clark poem)

  Jean Prescott, “Santa’s Yodel” audio

  Waddie Mitchell, “A Cowboy’s Night Before Christmas” audio

  Michael Martin Murphey and Suzy Bogguss, “Cowboy Christmas Ball” video

  Red Steagall, “Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer,” audio S. Omar Barker poem

  Brenn Hill’s “North Pole Rodeo” video

  R.W. Hampton’s “Cowboy Christmas Eve” audio

  Bob Wills’ Original Texas Playboys’ 1949 “Cowboy Christmas Song”

  Tex Beneke’s 1951 “Root’n Toot’n Santa Claus”



Spalding Labs’ Flying SL Ranch Radio

Totsie Slover’s The Real West from the Old West

Andy and Jim Nelson’s Clear Out West Radio

Jarle Kvale’s Back at the Ranch

Chuckaroo the Buckaroo’s Calling All Cowboys

Judy James’ Cowboy Jubilee

Barbara Richhart’s Cow Trails

Hugh McLennan’s  Spirit of the West



“The Farm Cat Christmas Ball,” by Jo Lynne Kirkwood
“Christmas at the Line Camp,” by DW Groethe
“Dutchy,” by Lynn Kopelke
“Corriente Christmas,” by Robert Dennis
“Rompin’ Roy, Cowboy Elf,” by George Rhoades
“Merry Christmas,” by Gregory Matthews




“Savior,” by Mark Munzert
“A Sack of Tobac,” by Jean Mathisen Haugen





Lost to us in 2018: Elizabeth Ebert, Georgia Snead, Del Gustafson, Neil Abbott,  Marion Manwill, Rhonda Whiting, and Bruce Matley.




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