CHRISTMAS AGAIN, by Bruce Kiskaddon (1878-1950)


by Bruce Kiskaddon (1878-1950)

It will soon be New Year. It’s Christmas once more
We are skeered of inflation, I don’t know what for.
Because this inflation ain’t nothin’ that’s new.
It’s been with us so long that it ort to be through.

They have took the price ceilin’ off pork and off beef,
Which might give the turkeys a little relief.
They’ve et chicken and turkey until they want steak,
Which same ort to give a few turkeys a break.

So mebby they’ll be some improvement at that.
They say there’s new cars. I don’t know where they’re at.
And some ready made clothes we might buy for example,
Instead of the orders we give from the sample.

And then that old feller they call Santa Claus.
I reckon he better be careful, because
He ain’t got no license fer drivin’ that sleigh,
And there’s plenty of taxes he never did pay.

But never mind folks, it will all work around
To where people will get both their feet on the ground,
So we might as well do just the way that we did.
Enjoy this year’s Christmas along with the kids.

…Bruce Kiskaddon
We’re celebrating the 20th annual Christmas at the BAR-D.

Bruce Kiskaddon wrote this poem a year after the end of World War II, and left us an interesting perspective on those times. The poem was published December, 1946 in the Los Angeles Union Stock Yards calendar. The drawing is by Amber Dunkerley (1893-1973), who illustrated Kiskaddon’s calendar poems from 1943-1948.

Kiskaddon worked for ten years as a cowboy, starting in 1898, working in southeastern Colorado’s Picketwire area. He wrote many poems still read and recited today.

Find much more about Kiskaddon: many of his poems; a feature about Bill Siems’ monumental Open Range that collects nearly 500 of Kiskaddon’s poems; Siems’ collection of Kiskaddon’s short stories, Shorty’s Yarns; and more at

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This poem is in the public domain.