GET ALONG by Jarle Kvale


by Jarle Kvale

We never talk religion – views on politics, taboo –
we’d rather keep our friendship than be stirrin’ up a stew
discussin’ things so trivial – that pack such little weight –
our friendship’s too important to be lost in some debate.
We’ll talk about the weather – or the horses that we’ve rode –
We’ll rave about our favorites and the ones that got us throwed.
We’ll chat about our families – how our grandkids make us proud –
We’ll joke and tease, and more than once, you’ll hear us laugh out loud.
But politics? Religion? No – we’d rather get along –
Besides, no sense conversin’ when it’s plain that he’s just wrong!

© 2016, Jarle Kvale, used with permission
This poem should not be reposted or reprinted without permission

This poem seems more relevant every day.

Jarle Kvale is a North Dakota horseman, radio broadcaster, and host of the cowboy poetry and Western music Back at the Ranch radio show. His recent CD, Custom Made, includes 14 original poems, well wrought—mostly humorous—verse, delivered in his understated and engaging style.

This photo is from the inside of Custom Made, taken in Wyoming of Jarle Kvale’s horses. The outside has a stunning cover photograph by Cindy Quigley of CMQ Photography. See the cover and the track list at

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(Oregon poet Tom Swearingen suggested the title for this previous untitled poem.)

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