ADVICE, by Deanna Dickinson McCall


by Deanna Dickinson McCall

The corrals were full enough to bust,
And we’d all had our share of dust.
But, we’d got all the pairs in
And the separating was about to begin.

Our new son-in-law was working the gate
Trying hard to discriminate
When an angry mama came charging up
Mad over the hold up.

Hearing the commotion I rode through the dust
And shared some advice he could trust,
“Son, don’t crowd her, whatever you do,
When her head is held high she’ll take the fence or you.”

Better off to just let stand, cool down a bit
She’s not afraid of horse or man, let her have her fit.
It’s Nature’s way to attack or run, fear and anger is part of life.
I know it’s not exactly fun, but, remember she is your wife.”

© Deanna Dickinson McCall, used with permission.
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Fifth-generation rancher and writer Deanna Dickinson McCall never lacks for inspiration for her poetry and writing; her family is a great source. She and husband Dave, who just celebrated 43 years of marriage, have given the West new generations of ranchers and of cowboy poets and reciters, as well.

See Deanna Dickinson McCall at the 30th annual National Cowboy Symposium & Celebration, September 7-9, 2018, in Lubbock, Texas.

The full list of entertainment includes Gerry Allen, Rusty Battenfield, Robert Beene, Jack Blease, Dr. Heidi Brady, Broken Chair Band, Norman Brown, Jimmy Burson, Bob Campbell, Michael Carlton, Craig Carter & Zack Casey, Billy Cate, Jim Cathey, Allan Chapman & Rodeo Kate, Fort Concho, Henry Crawford, Nathan Dahlstrom, Janice Deardorff, Mike Dunn, John Erickson, Doug Figgs, Karen Casey Fitzjerrell, Pip Gillette, Carol Glover, David Hansford, Sid Hausman, Prairie Heirs, Chris Isaacs, Washtub Jerry, Jim Jones, Leroy Jones, Legends of Texas, Stan Mahler, Kenny Maines, Deanna Dickinson McCall, “Straw” Berry, Pat Meade, Bob Miller, Mike Moutoux, Glenn Moreland, Joel Nelson, Ballet Folklorico Nuestra Henricia, Bill O’Neal (Texas State Historian), Quanah Parker Society, Mike Querner, Stan Paregien, Jane Pattie, Gary “JC” Penney, Donnie Poindexter, Jeff Posey, Prairie Moon, Wayne Thompson, David Waddle, Dr. Scott White, Jim Wilson, Bob Wyre and The Fence Post.

Her recent CD release is I’ll Ride Thru It.” See a track list and review here at She has two recent collections of stories, Rough Patches and Rough Patches II, and a book of poems accompanied by JaNeil Anderson’s paintings, Split Range.

Deanna also has a highly praised book of stories and poems, Mustang Spring, and an another award-winning CD of her poetry, Riding. Her work appears in many anthologies and magazines and she’s a popular performer at gatherings, often appearing at the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering, where she appeared earlier this month; and the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering and the Western Folklife Center’s National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, where she is featured at both in 2019; and other events.

Find more about Deanna Dickinson McCall at and at her web site,

This 2017 photo of the McCalls branding in a trap is courtesy of Deanna Dickinson McCall.

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