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Your help is needed to maintain the programs of the non-profit Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry, including, and to create the 2018 MASTERS CD and the 2018 Cowboy Poetry Week poster, both of which are offered to hundreds of libraries across the West in Cowboy Poetry Week’s Rural Library Program.

The 2018 programs cannot go forward without your involvement. Please renew your support or make a first-time donation.

Give what you can: $20, $40, $100. Every donation is valued. At the $40 level and above, you’ll receive the 2018 CD and Cowboy Poetry Week poster. And, you’ll be helping to keep it real, to preserve and celebrate the vibrant life and art of the cowboying and ranching world. Next year is the BAR-D’s 19th anniversary. Please help keep the words and the work alive.

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Thanks to those who have supported the BAR-D in the past twelve months:

Bryce Angell, Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering (sponsor), Denise Arvidson, Sally Baldus, Norma Battenfield, Valerie and Floyd Beard, Almeda Bradshaw (sponsor), Charley Bell, Jerry Brooks, Paul R. Brown III, Wendy Brown-Barry, Marci Broyhill (sponsor), Marleen Bussma, Daniel Bybee, Greg Camp, Jeff Campbell, David Carlton, Andy Carr, Jim and Stella Cathey, Christopher Chambers, Bob Coker, Steve and Marge Conroy, Ken Cook (sponsor), Hugh Cooke, Jeri Dobrowski (sponsor), Devin Dingler, Patricia Frolander, Janice Gilbertson, Joanne Grinage, DW Groethe, Del Gustafson, Jean Haugen, Thomas F. Hawk, Heber Valley Western Music and Cowboy Poetry Gathering (sponsor), Yvonne and Glen Hollenbeck (sponsor), Eldon Housley, Judy James, Dee Strickland Johnson (“Buckshot Dot”), Laverna B. Johnson, Mark Kerr, Andria Kidd, Robert Kinsey, Linda Kirkpatrick, Jo Lynne Kirkwood, Susie Knight, Colleen Kohler, Lynn Kopelke, Jarle Kvale, Cameron La Follette, Chuck and Cindy Learn (sponsor), Deanna Dickinson McCall, Gary McMahan, Slim McNaught, Susan Matley, Al Mehl, Robert Miller, Howard Moon, Tom Morgan (sponsor), Dick and Jane Morton, Mike Moutoux, Linda Nadon, Terry Nash, National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo (sponsor), Andy Nelson (sponsor), Rodney Nelson, Nika Nordbrock, Kay Kelley Nowell, Bill Ott, Dale Page, Shelly Pagliai, Susan Parker, Maryanne Patterson, Kent Penter, Jean Prescott (sponsor), Paul Quinton, Beth Rand, RANGE (sponsor), Kent Reeves, George Rhoades, Barbara Richhart, Betty and Ken Rodgers, Roberta Rothman, Claud Roundtree, Sandy Seaton Sallee, Marjorie Satterfield, Ron Secoy, Totsie Slover, Sally Smith, Jay and Sandi Snider (sponsor), Kip and Marilyn Sorlie, Spalding Labs (sponsor), David Stanley, Rocky Sullivan, Tom Swearingen, P’let and Mike Tcherkassky, Jim Thompson (California), Stan Tixier, Smoke Wade, Keith Ward, John Waters, Western Folklife Center (sponsor), Western Music Association (sponsor), Daniel Wilson, and Rosemary Yull.

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Special thanks to Laura and Edmund Wattis Littlefield Jr. for significant 2017 and 2018 program support and to the Margaret T. Morris Foundation for Cowboy Poetry Week 2017 Foundation support.

 celebrates our Western heritage and today’s working West, dedicated to preserving our important history and to promoting the Western arts that carry on those traditions.  It’s a part of the non-profit Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry.

The Center was formed to serve a mostly rural and underserved community of Western writers, musicians, and artists; to help preserve Western and Cowboy Poetry and its associated arts; to offer a central resource for poets, libraries, schools, and the public; and to educate the public about the history and value of Western and Cowboy Poetry and its associated arts.

Supporters make a difference. With individual support, the Center can continue its programs, expand some of those efforts, and take on new projects. Individual support helps show institutional funders the community interest in our Western arts.