Kenny Krogman, 1947-2017


With great sadness, we learned of the death of South Dakota rancher, Kenny Krogman, husband of popular poet Bonnie Krogman, on October 23, 2017. He is remembered fondly by countless friends and family.

An obituary here tells about his life:

Kenneth “Kenny” (‘don’t call me Ken’) William Krogman was born in Pierre, SD on July 2, 1947, to Bill & Marie Krogman. He died of a heart attack while hauling cattle on October 23, 2017.

Growing up on the ranch with four brothers and two sisters, Kenny was often in trouble. At age 5, his mother insisted that he wear dress pants to Alter Society. Once there, he refused to get out of the car; so she left him in it where he proceeded to build a campfire in the backseat. As they watched the brand new car burn to the ground, his dad asked him why he got out. “Got too damn hot in there,“ he replied.

While standing at the blackboard of the Cody Rural School, the teacher asked him to spell the word “ship.” Kenny often said, “I musta spelled it wrong, because I spent the rest of the day standing in the corner.”

Kenny graduated from White River High School in 1965. He became one of the first athletes in South Dakota to earn All-State Football honors 3 years in a row. He received scholarship offers from all of the Big 10 colleges, but chose the ranch life instead.

Two years later, he met Bonnie Golder of Wood, SD. They were married on horseback on July 25, 1969. Living on the family ranch and building their cow herd, Kenny still found time to trade horses, hunt, & fish. Their daughter Marti was born in 1972. In 1976, they moved to Bonnie’s childhood home east of Wood. Miles was born in 1977, followed by Matt in 1979. During this time, Kenny developed an obsession for team roping. One particular night at the White River arena, he finished roping and headed home. His favorite horse, King, was in the trailer, but Bonnie & the 3 kids were left in the grandstands. Fortunately, they were able to catch a ride home. When Bonnie asked him what he had been thinking, he responded, “Well, apparently, I wasn’t.” ….

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