Jim Dunham, 1942-2017

We share the sad news from the Arizona Cowboy Poets, and their photo collage:


We are so very sad to announce that Jim passed away Monday, September 18, 2017. There will be a celebration of Jim’s life at 10 am on Sunday, October 1 at Jim and Barb Buchanan’s home, 8250 N Buchanan Drive, Prescott (about 7 ½ miles out Williamson Valley Road) Buck Ryberg will officiate and there will be an open mic time. Please bring a lawn chair and if you have one, an instrument. There will be music poems, happy memories and fun. Casual dress.

The family requests in lieu of flowers please make a donation to your favorite charity.

Jim Dunham was a popular performer. An obituary tells, “Jim was an integral part of the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering, both as a committee member and as a performer for many years. He was awarded the prestigious Gail I. Gardner Award For a Cowboy Poet in 2012. ”

Poet Nona Kelley Carver shared a poem:

by Nona Kelley Carver

Far down in Arizona,
where the evening breezes play,
there’s a sadness felt among us,
for a cowboy died today.

He wasn’t tall in stature,
but was loved throughout the land,
for  he sang and played sweet music
with the Rusty Pistols Band.

There was music in his laughter,
there was music in his soul,
there was music from his guitar.
Cowboy music made him whole.

He sang and played the old songs,
sometimes wrote some of his own.
He might practice until daylight
to improve each note and tone.

His music was a blessing.
Some of it more like a prayer.
He shared it with his family,
and friends who gathered there.

But put away your grieving,
now that he has left our land,
for he’s singing there in heaven,
where he’s joined the Angel Band.

© 2017 Nona Kelley Carver