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by Joel Nelson

If on some better than average day
I should be riding along
Observing—not expecting—well maybe
And should see just as hoof swept by
One flawless arrow point—
If on that shining morning
I should step down to lift this point
Turning it delicately—feeling its smoothness
Beneath my fingertips
I would marvel at its perfection
At the way some ancient one
Had tempered and crafted such beauty
And how it came to lie there
All these centuries—covered—uncovered
Until it came to me
To happen by this place
On this day made now more perfect.
And I would ponder such things
As coincidence and circles and synchronicity,
And I would pocket this treasure near my heart,
And riding on I would recall
Having seen such treasure as this elsewhere
But not this one—not this one.
And for one brief moment I would stiffen with fear
At how one quick glance in another direction
Could have lost this to me forever,
And I would touch my shirt over my heart
Just to make sure.

© 1998, Joel Nelson, used with permission.

It’s often said that anything a cowboy sings is a cowboy song, and that holds true for any poem a cowboy writes being cowboy poetry.

Respected Texas horseman, rancher, poet, reciter, and National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Fellow Joel Nelson’s writing and reciting are masterful—he captures readers and listeners alike with his craft. His The Breaker in the Pen album is the only cowboy poetry recording ever nominated for a Grammy Award. Baxter Black has commented that the recording “…raised the bar for cowboy poetry for 1000 years.”

Watch Joel Nelson recite this poem in a Blanton Museum of Art performance in 2012.

Sylvia and Joel Nelson ranch near Alpine, Texas. This great photo of them was taken by top cowboy photographer Walter Workman and was used inside The BAR-D Roundup: Volume 10 from CowboyPoetry.com.

Songster and respected cowboy music and poetry interpreter Andy Hedges liked this poem so much that he recorded it, along with other classics, modern and otherwise, on his latest project, Cowboy Recitations.

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