Christmas at the BAR-D



Welcome to the 17th annual Christmas at the BAR-D. We’ll be posting poems, classic, old, and new, throughout the season.

Find a collection of poems, first started in 2000, here.

There’s a Christmas/Winter Art Spur here, and Christmas submissions are welcome through Tuesday, December 20, 2016.

Christmas poem submissions are welcome through Sunday, December 18, 2016. See submission information here.



New poems added often during the season.

To date:

Christmas at the Home Ranch,” by Bruce Kiskaddon
A Busted Cowboy’s Christmas,” by D.J. O’Malley
Seein’ Santa,” by Rod Nichols
A Charlie Creek Christmas,” by DW Groethe
A Christmas Thought,” by Slim McNaught
Christmas Waltz,” by Buck Ramsey
Here’s to the Cowboys,” by Pat Richardson
Christmas Beneath the Stars,” by Colen Sweeten
The Christmas Trail,” by Badger Clark
A Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer,” by S. Omar Barker
The Old Time Christmas,” by Bruce Kiskaddon
Merry Christmas,” by Bruce Kiskaddon


Art Spur
“Christmas Trail,” by Michelle Turner
“Christmas Wishes,” by Jim Cathey
“A Cowboy, Campfire, and a Star,” by Jean Mathisen Haugen

Submitted Poems
“Cactus Charlie,” by Mike Moutoux
“Santa on My Heels,” by Dan “Doc” Wilson
“Cookie’s Christmas,” by Jack Burdette




Lost to us in 2016:  Dema Hollenbeck, Ken Blacklock, Georgie Sicking, Hal Swift, Sandra Herl, Allen “Hook” Hill, Leola Reschke, Robert Frolander, Ed Nesselhuf, Trey Allen, Jim Gough, Duane Dickinson, Senator Conrad Burns, Jack Walther, Pat Richardson, Leon Overbay, Gary E. Brown, Renee Miller, Jess Howard, Vern Woodbury, Curtis Potter, Ray Hanzlik, Shelley Macdonald, and Eloweeze Boeing.



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