by Slim McNaught

When northern lights are flashin’ bright
with shades of every hue
And fresh snow cover on the range
makes this whole world look new.
While ridin’ home beneath these lights,
lettin’ horse just pick his way,
You scan this world that looks so clean
and think of Christmas Day.

Now, you marvel how the world is touched
by nature’s evenin’ light
Each limb that’s piled up high with snow,
each post that’s capped with white.
And for the Christmas times a’ comin’
you smile and wish from here
That friends and family and folks afar
have a Christmas filled with cheer.

Then when you reach the home corral
with comforts waitin’ there,
You smell the smells of this, your world,
while horse enjoys his fare.
Your table waits with food and warmth
and family gives life reason,
Then from your heart comes many thanks
for another Christmas season.

© 2006, Slim McNaught
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author’s permission.

South Dakota poet and custom leather artist Slim McNaught’s poem is included in The BAR-D Roundup: Volume 8, a double-CD of classic and contemporary Christmas Cowboy Poetry.

Slim has engaging poetry books and an award-winning CD. Find more about him at CowboyPoetry.com; at slimscustomleather.com; and on Facebook at Slim’s Custom Leather.